Case Unsolved

A gay couple must defeat the supernatural monsters they accidentally summoned from a cursed 1980s TV show.

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CASE UNSOLVED is a clever and inventive script that contains scenes of action and suspense, high drama and other dramatic excitement.


RIZ and his husband OWEN reminisce one night about Case Unsolved, a creepy 1980s TV show they remember watching as kids. It was a docu-series about ghosts, aliens, and other paranormal activity.

Riz even remembers the show’s tip hotline number. As a joke, they decide to call it. That’s when they learn the dark side of nostalgia.

Their call has summoned supernatural monsters once featured on episodes of the show. And when the evil creatures begin to kill people around Riz and Owen, they must work together to confront their personal fears and anxieties in order to close the book on Case Unsolved.

As Riz and Owen unravel the mystery before the cursed show claims their lives, too, they realize that there’s no going back to how things used to be.

Captivating… Compelling… Eerie, with loads of charm.

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