Case Unsolved

A couple must defeat the supernatural monsters summoned from a cursed 1990s TV show.

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CASE UNSOLVED is a clever and inventive script that contains scenes of action and suspense, high drama and other dramatic excitement.


Unemployed and uncertain, RIZ MATEO fears the future. He clashes with his pragmatic boyfriend OWEN, who grows impatient to start a family. His anxieties worsen when he gets a call from his childhood best friend, AVERY, with the grim news that his mother VINA has gone missing.

Riz, Owen, and Avery’s investigation into Vina’s disappearance leads them to a mysterious 1990s-era docu-series called CASE UNSOLVED. They discover that antagonists featured on the show – including a self-segmenting monster from Filipino folklore known as the Manananggal, a jaw-crushing serial killer, and a mysterious flesh-eating disease – are manifesting into reality and killing people.

Plagued with uncertainty at every turn, Riz struggles to learn the truth of what happened to his mother, while grappling with his feelings around his dependable boyfriend Owen and childhood partner-in-crime Avery.

As the body count grows, the show places him and his loved ones in grave danger. Riz must confront his own personal demons if he hopes to have any chance of closing the book on CASE UNSOLVED.

(This feature film is currently in development. Stills and clips are taken from a proof-of-concept teaser.)

Captivating… Compelling… Eerie, with loads of charm.

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